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Feeling Tall: Eight Short Lessons on Courage and Change

Tall Courage for all ages!

The world is full of talented and smart people. But what separates the talented and smart from the truly successful? One word, COURAGE! Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough or smart enough to accomplish great things? Then this book is definitely for you! While reading Feeling Tall, you will discover 8 important lessons on courage and change.

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About the author

Dr. Jeff Williamson has thousands of media interviews and is a leading expert in leadership communication and media crisis communication. He is President of Jeff Williamson Communications and a former award-winning broadcast journalist and current law enforcement spokesman. Dr. Williamson has been a reporter for affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX and the New York Times and worked major cases such as the Casey Anthony case and many more. Dr. Williamson’s favorite thing to do is teach individuals how to be effective leaders through successful communication experiences.



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