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Daily Word #20: How Do You Know Your Being Called As A Missionary? Part 2

Some people might think they’re being called by God as a missionary, so how can they know for sure?

 © pixabay.

© pixabay.

All on Mission

Have you recently felt like God has been calling you to be a missionary? Before booking your ticket and packing a bag, there're a few questions you must first ask yourself.

Firstly, have you been on mission for Christ wherever you may go? If not, you're probably not ready to be a missionary just yet, because it is unlikely, that you can remain silent about the gospel all our born-again life's and then expect God to call us to be a full-fledged missionary.

Now, a man once said, “Evangelizing is the pastor’s job. We’re not called to do that.” However, despite this man's belief, we’re all called as ministers of the gospel. Jesus commanded us to “go,” into all the world,” (Matthew 28:19) but we must too consider next door. This question is answered extensively in part 1.

Being elevated to "higher things" and greater responsibilities always has to start small. Jesus said,

“One who is faithful in a very little, is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much” (Luke 16:10)

Therefore, if we’re not on mission for Christ today, then we are not going to be faithful in greater capacities, which is what a missionary trip is. 

To be a foreign missionary takes a lot of time and training in preparation for mission ahead. It takes, knowing about the culture you're going into, their language, their customs, you must be basked in prayer and the studying of God’s Word.  It’s should never be a quick decision.

Only when God see's you stepping out for Christ on the local fields, that He may then consider using you for larger fields.