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James Gardin - Joy

Illect Recordings released new track titled "Joy" from their artist James Gardin.

Behind The Song

"Joy" is a personal testimony of James Gardin's life. Gardin focuses on something we all need and crave daily, joy. Joy is performed with an infectious flow over an old school beat with early 2000's modern twists.


Gardin opens up by sharing the source of is joy, where he gets in from and how it continues to impact his life.

Gardin speaks on the never ending love of God that surrounds him and gives him peace and joy.

His second verse goes on to share how the devil would tempt him to find other sources of joy and also focus on his imperfections.

However he has inspiration through joy that pushes him to shine his light, reflect God's image in himself and

remember that living a holy life is better.

Gardin ends with encouraging us to share love by starting a "Love riot"

New Life rates "Joy" at 4/5 stars.