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Melinda McGlasson Releases New Radio Single Trust Him

Creative Soul Records, Melinda McGlasson releases her new radio single titled, “Trust Him.”



“It is my honor to know that the Lord is using me to write music that He wants to have sung over the listeners,” McGlasson said. “I pray that each person that hears ‘Trust Him’ has an encounter with Christ as they allow the words minister to them.”

Melinda, who is a worship leader at Lifeway Christian Center in Guymon, Oklahoma, alongside her pastor husband, Dallas McGlasson, has been on a physical and emotional roller coaster over the past few years. In August 2015, she received a cancer diagnosis that appeared to be ovarian cancer. Friends, family, church, and fans from across the world joined together in prayer as McGlasson underwent surgery.

Three months later, McGlasson began losing her voice and received yet another cancer diagnosis.

“On November 14, 2015, I had a total thyroidectomy and found out that I had Stage 3 thyroid cancer,” said McGlasson.

Whilst undergoing cancer treatment, McGlasson continued her musical journey by signing a record deal with RWR Records and further in this past July, she signed with Creative Soul Records.

“It was my sign from the Lord that all will be well and this would only add to my story to bring hope and healing to individuals,” McGlasson said. “In the Book of James, Paul talks about counting it all joy when you face various trials and temptations. Although my body went through some hardships, I can truly say I count it all joy because God has been glorified and people have been encouraged to fight the good fight of faith.”

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McGlasson, who was adopted as an infant, received a call in May 2017, from an agency that connects adoptees and biological families to discover health histories. McGlasson received the unexpected news that her birth mother also had thyroid cancer and was contacting her to alert her of her biological family’s health history.

“In one day I went from being an only child to finding out I had a birth mother, three sisters, three brothers-in-law, and six nieces and nephews,” she said, “God expanded my heart to love all of them immediately!”

McGlasson's has been nothing short of topsy-turvy, but she chooses to use it to enrich her testimony.

“I think the Lord likes to keep me on my toes to show me that He’s in charge,” McGlasson said.

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