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Josh Lovelace Debut Family Album, Young Folk

NEEDTOBREATHE's Josh Lovelace will release his debut family album on On 17th November titled,  Young Folk. The collection album is set to host feature appearances from Ben Rector, Ellie Holcomb, Spirit Family Reunion, and members of children's music trio Sharon, Lois, & Bram.

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Unlike many families, Josh did not grow up in a family where parents leave the room when children play their favorite kiddie songs, and children do the same when parents play their "grown-up" songs, and that's not the way it is for his family after having two children of his own. Young Folk, his debut solo album, is a love letter to the two generations before him, and the one that follows. 

The album is a direct fruit of a lifelong passion for children’s music. The first band performance he ever saw live was the Canadian trio Sharon, Lois & Bram. Also, his first performances were for young children while working at a summer camp. These experiences helped inspire Josh to become a professional musician, and he has been training to be a children’s music artist his entire life. 

“I always knew I wanted to make a record for kids,” says Lovelace, said keyboardist, Lovelace, “And I knew I wanted to make the music folky and accessible, rather than annoying or watered down.” The result is an album inspired by musicians like Wilco and James Taylor that tells the story of Lovelace’s family along with other families, as well. 

In 2011, when NEEDTOBREATHE played Canada for the first time, Lovelace reached out to Sharon, Lois & Bram. “To me, it was like meeting the Beatles,” he laughs. He became good friends with them and considers them to be his mentors. Bram Morrison and Sharon Hampson sang on Young Folk’s, “Sing A Song For Me.”

Young Folk features Spirit Family Reunion on “Going to Knoxville,” Ellie Holcomb for “More Time With You,” Ben Rector on “A Bear in the Woods.” The album sees Josh’s wife, Whitney, playing the flute and offering backing vocals, and his 4year old son Henry, also contributing vocals. His barely a year old, daughter Margo, contributed baby noises and lots of smiles. 

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You're My Very Best Friend

“This record is a love letter to my kids,” Josh says. “I hope it's a special thing for them to cherish. When I'm on the road, their dad‘s voice fills the room, even when he’s thousands of miles away. But also, songs have lives of their own, and I’m excited for other people to hear the songs, and maybe adopt them as a part of their family too.” 

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