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KJ-52 Debut Movie

KJ-52 plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign on August 14 sponsoring his first full-length movie, a project detailing KJ-52's life and music along with his testimony. The project is titled Jonah, the same title as KJ-52's recently released record.

Kickstarter backers will gain access to exclusive new music as well as classics from the beginning of KJ-52's music career. He is even offering a chance to be in the documentary along with exclusive merchandise. 

In connection with the movie, KJ-52 launched a new podcast, with two new episodes debuting weekly. Topics range from KJ-52's personal life and career to the hot topics of the industry. You can listen to the podcast on his facebook page.

Check out trailer for Jonah.
Until the Kickstarter campaign launches, keep up with news related to the movie on its official associated Instagram and Facebook.