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Brinson Releases Seventh Solo Project 'Thornz'

Brinson's timely release of Thornz on August 25 reaffirmed the ultimate focus of Christian Hip-Hop: Christ Jesus. 
Thornz enlisted multi Grammy producer Frank Nitty (2Pac, Big Pun, Faith Evans) to produce "Blessings and Honor" as well as SPEC House Productions (Flame, V.Rose, Lecrae) to handle "Ima Believer." The guest appearances are strong too, harnessing the talents of Marz Ferrer, Eshon Burgundy, Knine and Von Won to add a unique flavor of their own. 
Brinson knows the importance of bringing high quality Christ-centered content back to the forefront, and his mission in this space is to point listeners to the cross. When asked of the heart behind the new project, Brinson said "God can change you regardless what you have been through. Your darkest moments can be turned around if you hold onto Jesus. Trusting Him, relying and just letting him hold your heart. Thornz talks about the pains of a believer, but the goodness of God that can make the pain seem what it is: seasonal. This is me coming out of the darkest of times, telling the story of it and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Life goes on and can be good even with the 'thorns' of this world in your side."
This project connects back to Brinson's Until We Meet Again (2015) and Black Canvas (2016) releases. The third installment of the trilogy echoes the ability God possesses to change us regardless of what we've been through during our life journey and how Brinson has been from the darkest of times to the best of times in union with Christ. 
You can purchase the album on iTunes here. Follow Brinson's journey on Twitter here or at his personal website