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Miami's Sensere is Back

Miami’s own premier, inspirational, soul band, Sensere, has been working overtime for over a decade establishing a loyal and solid fan base, perfecting their distinctive, invigorating sound! Their dedication and tenacity has made them one of the most talked about groups in their region, with word quickly spreading way beyond their home-base. 

Today the 10 member band unveils the new music video for their well received current single “Tis So Sweet,” a remake from the legendary Gospel group Commissioned. The performance visual was shot in Miami, FL at 20th Street studios by acclaimed video director, Simon Muchnik, who also shot Sensere's very first video for their breakout single "Got Jesus" and recruited him again in 2015, for their Motown inspired single “Holla.” 

For “Tis So Sweet” this time around Muchnik set out to capture the guys in a simple, but picturesque setting, giving viewers a peek inside of an actual Sensere dress rehearsal, allowing people to get an up close and personal view of each member. 

With “Tis So Sweet” beginning to pick up momentum at radio, music industry veteran & CEO of the Nd Co., Neily Dickerson says, “Sensere’s“Tis So Sweet” does two things; it brings a needed and different yet familiar sound back to Gospel radio and it’s just good stuff!

“Tis So Sweet” is the lead single from Sensere’s forthcoming untitled 3rd CD, that will undoubtedly be the groups best work to date! The new album is slated to drop this fall with some very special surprise features.

Check out the new music video below: