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Rio 24K New EP, In the Meantime

Rio 24K possesses a raw authenticity like many have never heard. With his NEW EP, In the Meantime, RIO 24K literally bears his soul with a no holds barred approach to addressing the Christian walk, current real-world issues, relationships, and dealing with his son’s cancer diagnosis."

"Through life, our hearts are going to be in different places at different times and God constantly provides grace, no matter the distance," RIO 24K said. "Life brings challenges that sometimes shake us to the core. In The Meantime, while your heart may be in a different place allow God to work." 

Listeners can expect to hear ten tracks of conscious trap—refreshing honesty over trap beats from Rio’s Haitian accent laced with Miami native twang. 

"Also, In the Meantime enjoy the EP while I work on my album and grow in my relationship with God," RIO 24K said.  

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